Empowering Nonprofits
with Smart Fundraising Technology

Unlock repeat donor engagement.
Zeestr is your dedicated sidekick for effective digital fundraising.


Impact. Powered.

Zeestr transforms online fundraising for nonprofits with a streamlined, all-in-one giving platform that boosts donations, increases conversion, and minimizes donor churn. All supported by real-time donor insights and marketing intelligence.

Experience seamless and branded fundraising with Zeestr’s intuitive platform. Whether it’s one-time or recurring donations, event-driven campaigns, or peer-to-peer fundraising, our tools empower you to engage supporters effortlessly. Designed for ease and efficiency, Zeestr simplifies the process for both donors and nonprofits.

Giving is personal. Zeestr’s innovative AI-driven strategies transform donor data into successful campaigns, ensuring a personalized approach that deeply engages and retains contributors. Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing tools and CRMs, enhancing your fundraising capabilities with efficiency and reliability. 

Clean data is power. Zeestr’s advanced client dashboard simplifies your donation and fundraising data with real-time reporting, detailed donor analytics, and advanced metrics. Turn every data point into actionable insights for smarter decisions and greater impact.


in Fundraising


Savings in
Administrative Time


Decrease in
Donor Churn


Increase in Giving


Support Network

Fundraising, Amplified

Collect one-time and recurring donations with a branded, mobile-responsive checkout form. Perfect for websites, main donation buttons, embeds, recurring donation appeals, and more.

Ideal for time-sensitive and goal-driven activations such as Giving Tuesday, holidays, and year-end campaigns. Empower donors to kick-off fundraising or incentivize others to give more through matching donations.

Run interactive campaigns by mobilizing supporters with the tools to fundraise on your behalf. Supporters can create personal or team fundraising pages, contributing to the overall campaign goal.

Host unforgettable events with Zeestr's comprehensive event and ticketing features. Whether you're organizing in-person, virtual, or hybrid events, our platform allows you to sell tickets, manage registrations, and run peer-to-peer ticketed campaigns. Empower your supporters to fundraise on your behalf while seamlessly managing all event details.

New Features

Increase Conversions and Reduce Donor Churn

Zeestr acts as your source for data truth, transforming your fundraising into easily digestible insights so you can understand your donor behaviors. As your trusted sidekick, our AI marketing and fundraising intelligence, Zee, provides clear visibility into donor actions and how to engage or reactivate them without messy spreadsheets and time-consuming calculations. 

Integrated with Slack so you never miss a donation update!

Track abandoned and failed donations to convert uncaptured donations in real-time.

Identify which marketing channels (social, email, paid ads, mail-reply, and more) drive donations so you can make the right ask to the right donors.

Generate and apply conversion tracking codes in seconds for all campaigns.

Boost giving by identifying donors most likely to give, convert to recurring, upgrade, or who need more engagement to avoid churn.

Need help writing campaign copy and generating images that drive engagement? Zee’s got you covered.

Maximize Impact with Actionable Metrics
& Insights

Keep a pulse on every campaign, appeal, and donation with Zeestr's powerhouse of metrics. Our client dashboard offers a detailed knowledge center for your fundraising and impact. Every data point is an opportunity for growth and greater efficacy, simplifying fundraising in one location.

Get instant updates on your fundraising activities with our real-time reporting tools. Track donations as they happen, monitor campaign performance, and make informed decisions on the go.

Understand your donors like never before. Our analytics provide deep insights into donor behavior, helping you identify engagement patterns and optimize your strategies for better results.

Turn data into action with our powerful insights. Our tools help you understand the impact of your campaigns, guiding your strategic planning to maximize your fundraising potential.

Measure what matters with ease. Track key metrics like donor tiers, giving metrics, recurring donor rates, campaign APIs, board reporting, and more—all in one place.

Integrate effortlessly with
External Tools or CRMs

Our platform is designed to seamlessly connect with your existing tools and CRMs, making fundraising smooth and hassle-free.

A Word from Our CEO

Great Technology, Specifically for the Great Work You Do.

Zeestr was created by nonprofit professionals for nonprofit professionals to solve our own marketing and fundraising challenges. We sought an intuitive, responsive, and cost-effective online fundraising solution backed by intelligent insights and clean data. Nonprofits historically lack the business tools that for-profits use to build profitable, scalable missions of impact. Zeestr was built to change that. Though new to the market, we bring over two decades of experience in philanthropy, fundraising, marketing, data science, and AI. We believe that good tech shouldn’t break the bank to fill the bank.

Stephanie Moon

Founder & CEO

Social Media Management

Stay consistent, engage your audience, and save time

Manage your social media presence effortlessly with our integrated scheduler feature.

Our AI-driven scheduler suggests the best posting times for your audience, maximizing engagement and reach.
Visualize your content calendar, making it easy to plan, edit, and collaborate on posts with your team.
Plan your posts ahead, ensuring consistent communication with your audience. Schedule weeks of content in just a few clicks.
All the Features You Need,
None That You Don’t.


  • Donation Buttons + Embeds
  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
  • Event Ticketing with P2P Integration
  • Advanced Matching Donations
  • Customizable Progress Bars + Goal Tracking
  • Campaign Pop-Ups + Branded Progress Bars for Your Website
  • Customizable Leaderboards for Any Campaign
  • Text-to-Give
  • Donor Fee Coverage
  • International Fundraising


  • Comprehensive Reporting Dashboard
  • Recurring Donor Giving + Churn
  • Board Reporting
  • Campaign Reporting (top donors, repeat donors, one-time vs recurring, matching donations, attendees + more!)
  • Individual + Team Fundraising Analytics
  • Donor Tier Types + Segments
  • Advanced Conversion Tracking
  • Automated Emails

Marketing Intelligence

  • Donor Engagement Insights
  • PredictR (New Feature)
  • AI Companion (New Feature)
  • UTM Lab
  • Custom Analytics Integration + Predictive Modeling (Coming Soon)
  • Quarterly Strategy Sessions with a Dedicated Zeestr Specialist
  • Integration with More Platforms
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